Stark360 fights for a more peaceful and prosperous world by advocating for individual rights and voluntary trade over collectivism and cronyism. 

The limitless possibilities of a society based on free trade and individual rights require the decentralization of power, money, and information. The emerging blockchain revolution has revealed the potential of decentralization; however, a long and strategic battle with politicians, lawyers, bankers, and other middlemen will need to be won for real freedom and self-governance to become a reality.  Join us in the fight!

We are developing a platform to engage activists from all over the world fight for individual freedom and voluntary exchange.
Stark360 will power decentralized activism through our own Stark360 cryptocurrency. This isn't a future project. Activism is happening on our platform with this cryptocurrency today!
Today, the SEC and CFTC are battling cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies; however, every industry that could be disrupted through decentralization is at risk. We are picking the highest value activist projects now.